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Your Home, and All That's Inside It Is Important To You...
Your Home, And All That's Inside It Is Important To Us Too
Specializing in House Cleaning, Professional Organizing, Home/Pet Sitting and Foreclosure Cleanup!
In today's world, who really has time to clean an entire house the way it needs to be cleaned? More than 60% of women with children are now a part of the work force.  This is a huge difference compared to when our parents were raising us.

With Moms helping out in the money department, how are they also supposed to keep the house as clean as it really needs to be?  Having a clean house really isn't an option, for health reasons, you've got to keep the particles that get into the air due to filth out of the air.

That's where Bizzy Girlz Home Care comes in to help!

Here is a list of our traditional cleaning services in Denver:

  •    De-fur your home
  •    Floors and baseboards
  •    Dedicated to detail- never 'slap-dash'
  •   Finicky about dusting- beyond the usual surfaces, we dust high ledges, woodwork and trim around doors and windows, vents, switchplates, light fixtures, and wainscotting
  •    We wipe down fronts, tops, and sides of kitchen and bathroom cabinets
  •    Take out trash and recyclables

Other tasks can  be added to your regular cleaning schedule if so desired.  Here is a list of the optional cleaning services we offer:

  • laundry
  • refrigerator clean up
  • steam cleaning
  • Empty/Load Dishwasher

Your house needs to be cleaned in order to help ensure the health of you and your family. If you do not have the time to get it done, than let Bizzy Girlz Home Care help you out!

Click here to get in touch with us in regards to any questions you may have, or to schedule an appointment with one of our home cleaning in Denver cleaning technicians!

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